Dog Training Services

The Baiz Prisco family as pet owners first, understand the value on having a properly trained dog. We are dedicated to make your dog a better family and society member.

We offer two different training programs, find below our options.

Basic Obedience

This course consists of 4 sessions of an hour and a half each. We will teach your dog to:

  • Walk properly with the leash.

  • Not jumping on people.

  • Sit down.

  • Stay in place.

  • Wait at the door.

  • Come to call.

Course Add-Ons:

  • Leather leash

  • Collar

  • Pouch bag

  • Mat

Available Saturdays or Weekdays (check training calendar).

For any specific behavioral issues, curate a training program for you with our trainer.

Cost $800

Boot Camp Program

This course consists of 3 weeks of onboard training, the puppy will learn:

  • Potty training.

  • Positive crate training.

  • His/her name.

  • Walk with the leash.

  • Sit down

  • Wait at the door.

  • Socialization.

  • Familiarize with grooming practices.

  • Familiarize with different sounds.

During the stay, you can visit once a week to see your puppy’s progress.

Cost $2000


Amalia Sotelo

Our trainer, Amalia Sotelo de Lopez, is basically part of our family. As a very close friend of our grandma, she has always been around us and our dogs. We first saw the impact she had in our lives and decided to have her meet the pet owners too. She comes to the house for private classes only, if you are interested in booking do not hesitate in contacting us at (786)-602-5294.

– – –

Amalia Sotelo de Lopez was born in Asturias, Spain, in a year, she opts not to disclose but rather say that the Tv had not been invented yet. Growing up in this region, known for its beautiful landscape, led to her great love for nature and animals. Her first memories with dogs were as early as 5 years old when her mom’s friend left her puppy at her place, and she remembers it to be a “love at first sight”. She moved to Venezuela at a young age, got married at 16 in a happily ever after, and had two beautiful daughters.

In 1990 she started her career as a dog trainer and since then has been enrolled in more than 30 courses, next to renowned trainers such as Connie Cleveland, Nancy Gyes, Wendy Pape, Teo Mariscal, Orlando Eijo, Giancarlo Savino, Jan Fennell, and Ivan Balabanov. Amalia joined the Bruno Happy Dogs family in 2019, where she continues to experience every day what she refers to as magic, the ability to communicate with other species, especially dogs.